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From a person (me) that has been in your shoes before, I would highly suggest backing of the gas pedal a little bit here. At the age of 22 your body is still producing great amounts of natural testosterone that far succeds any anabolic agent you can put it in. You obviously have more room to grow. Not only physiqally but mentally as well. I could sit here and ramble off everything your missing and all you'll do is take it and run with it. So not going to happen. As words of advice and first hand experience you need to get a structured routine and a structured diet. Both to accommodate your goals that you are seeking. Save the anabolic side of things for later on down the road. They are nothing but a small tool in a big picture. Taking gear is not an overnight success story or a easy short cut. Get your diet, get your routine and wait a few more yours and take yourself a far as you can naturally.

As we all know, your hormones play a crucial role in your ability to build muscle, burn fat, and generally live a healthy, happy life. Laxogenin encourages an optimal muscle-building environment by regulating cortisol levels in the body. Excessive cortisol levels are the archenemy of muscle growth. It’s incredibly catabolic and can significantly impair your ability to build muscle protein and it may even lead to atrophy -- muscle wasting![7] While you do need some cortisol to function properly, too much can severely hamper your efforts to build slabs of lean muscle.

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