Oxymetholone vermodje

For use in sports, the star is advised mainly to experienced athletes with long experience in the use of sports of pharmacy. This is a potent anabolic and androgenic. For beginners, more active first-degree stereotypes such as turinabol or testosterone propionate are chosen. The method of taking oxymetholone is usually done with the goal of maximizing muscle mass and increasing strength. Tablets and injections can be used alone, but it is usually a combined course. The recommended combinations are combinations of methenolone to balloon formulations (metenolone, testosterone, turinabol, stanozolol, boldenone and many others). For non-recommended compounds – mainly compounds with the farm, as well as “oxygen” which promotes increased progestogen activity and / or hepatic toxicity. The dose of oxmetolone is chosen by purchase (oral or injection), but more often it is 50 to 100 mg per day. The duration of the course does not exceed 6-8 weeks. Upon completion of the application, PCT (after treatment) is mandatory, including the use of drugs to restore testosterone and fusion results. For medical purposes, the use of oxymethylone is not practically done at this time. However, there is an indication that it is still prescribed for the treatment of HIV-infected patients (to improve protein metabolism, increase muscle mass, increase strength and appetite).

Oxymetholone vermodje

oxymetholone vermodje


oxymetholone vermodjeoxymetholone vermodjeoxymetholone vermodjeoxymetholone vermodjeoxymetholone vermodje