How much weight gain with anadrol

Many Skinny people think they have a high metabolsim blah blah. the truth is, if you nibble on biscuits n stuff that really dont have much protein or starch, you wont gain anything. if you want to gain weight you have to sit down n eat like u nuts. meals you cannot afford to skip are breakfast n supper. always eat alot before you go to bed. u will always wake up hungry n wont have to really force breakfast in. its not that you dont eat. its jus that you dont realise that u fill up your stomach with air n water. another thing, try working out. the problem with skinny people working out is that they dont realise that spending the whole day in the gym actually works against u. YOU GO TO THE GYM TO BUILD MUSCLE NOT BURNM FAT! spend a maximum of 45 minutes in the gym n learn to rest your muscles. use heavy weights and do 3 sets of each rep. dont rest your muscles till the 45 minutes are up. drink lots of water too.

In addition to being fairly expensive, protein powder and other dietary supplements aren’t regulated by the Food and Drug Administration as tightly as food or drugs; therefore, safety may be an issue. The FDA pulls supplements from shelves only after adverse side effects have been reported by consumers. Many types of protein powders have other ingredients besides protein added to them--such as herbs—that may not be appropriate for pregnant women, breast-feeding women and children. Medical nutrition shakes are available for underweight--or undernourished--adults and children who need the additional nutrients and calories.

How much weight gain with anadrol

how much weight gain with anadrol


how much weight gain with anadrolhow much weight gain with anadrolhow much weight gain with anadrolhow much weight gain with anadrolhow much weight gain with anadrol