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New glass formulas contain larger amounts of sodium. The sodium attracts moisture to the surface of the glass which in turn attracts airborne dust particles. The dust and moisture combine to produce microscopic “mud” which creates the “greasy feeling.”This can occur on all colors of new glass (especially glassware made in China) as well as some pressed glass and blown glass. Newer glass made in Czech or Poland doesn’t seem to have this problem as much. I have been an antique dealer for over thirty years and I see this all the time when buying glass. I buy what I like and its usually older glass. I wrap my rare crystal and 1930s depression glass in bubble wrap and keep them in airtight rubbermaid containers due to lack of storage space. I also keep about 50 pieces of glassware in my highest wooden kitchen cabinet built in 1937. I use everything for various charity events and club functions. I also do not own a dishwasher. My preference is to hand wash all my glassware and china.

American tourist Jesse and French student Celine meet by chance on the train from Budapest to Vienna. Sensing that they are developing a connection, Jesse asks Celine to spend the day with him in Vienna, and she agrees. So they pass the time before his scheduled flight the next morning together. How do two perfect strangers connect so intimately over the course of a single day? What is that special thing that bonds two people so strongly? As their bond turns to love, what will happen to them the next morning when Jesse flies away? Written by randywong70@

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