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I thought I would be a nightmare 50’s housewife…and I still think that to be true for almost anything a woman was expected to do or say during the 1950’s. But here’s the thing. I work full time and I already have a chore list like this. Because I do it every day, only takes me about an hour or two. Three hours if it’s an extra chore for the day. But shopping and school…vroom vroom. I also do a lot of frozen meal prepping once every two weeks and a meal planner…so there is nothing new to prepare. Easy Peasy.

Hi. I loved this as I love this (and the 40's) eras. I am a mum of two and this looks like my day (when i dont slack off). My fiance works mainly from home, and does help but i do most of the work. If he were away at work, this is just normal life for a mum who stays at home, plus you have young kids. My 9 year old son goes to school and my 2 year old is home. It is funny that people say this is crazy because really, unless uou are super slack, sont have kids, or have a cleaner come in, rhis is just adulting. And believe me, i am all about men helping with parenting and house work too.

I remember the night my fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Borsavage, called my house to tell my parents how hard I was working to learn my multiplication tables. As she talked to my mom, my dad had me at the kitchen table waiting to scold me for what I must have done wrong. I remember him telling me that teachers only call when you do something wrong – not Mrs. Borsavage. My dad was so proud when my mom hung up the phone and told him all of the positive things my teacher had to say about me. As a teacher, I try to be the Mrs. Borsavage to each of my students.

Are nap 50s good

are nap 50s good


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