Anova research

first of all, I finally have access to the program, it was blocked and I unblocked it as per your instructions. Thanks
Now I have a question about ANOVA.
My experimental design has 3 factors:
Factor 1 (formulation): 2 levels
Factor 2 (Sequence): 2 levels
Factor 3 (Period): 4 levels
So I did 3 factor ANOVA
1. In the output, how does the program assign A, B, C to the factors?
2. There is no designation of which factor is between and which is within
3. It did not make a difference if the factors are numerical or categorical

t (Student's t-test)
F, p = (Analysis of Variance)
F, p = (Analysis of Variance)
F, p = (Analysis of Variance)
c 2 (chi squared)
r (correlation coefficient)
Q (Multiple Range test)
F max (test for homogeneity of variance)

If you are unsure how to interpret your mixed ANOVA results or how to check for the assumptions of the mixed ANOVA, carry out transformations using SPSS Statistics, or conduct additional SPSS Statistics procedures to run simple main effects on your data (see Step #3a ), we show you how to do this in our enhanced mixed ANOVA guide. We also show you how to write up the results from your assumptions tests and mixed ANOVA output if you need to report this in a dissertation/thesis, assignment or research report. We do this using the Harvard and APA styles. You can learn more about our enhanced content here .

Anova research

anova research


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