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I had one occasion of a female coworker, who while having a boyfriend, was interested in me. On one occassion, when we all went to the bar, she was dressed like a slut,and purposely flirting and dancing with other men at the bar, with her mangina boyfriend looking on and cheering her! When one guy got tipsy and tried to manhandle her, she’s instead hollering out at me for help! While her mangina husband is cowardly looking on. I was tempted to ‘save’ her, but then I didn’t bother, because if her fucking man doesn’t bother to save her, why should I?

Bush like Soros and many others have had their time in the (black) sun. Their day is over and they are being subjected to limited consequences in preparation for some new blood at the helm, or at least in front of the stage. Weinstein may bring down the Hollywood power elite, but so far it looks as though the feminist (client) establishment is colluding with the elite to redirect attention onto heterosexual men in general as part of a generalised attack on the patriarchy. Now it seems Bush Senior has been roped into this and I would say there’s a good chance he’s given the whole thing his blessing. After all if the alternative was being fingered for the JFK assassination or being fingered for a Bohemian Grope (thank you) that most people are going to scoff at anyway and put down to an old man being a bit fresh with his hands what would you prefer? Bush the Elder is being accused of a trivial crime so that he does not get accused of something much much worse.

Anavar isis

anavar isis


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