Anavar 50mg gains

This was my second order from this site and the first
was good. I decided to make a larger order for the second. This turned out to be a bad idea. I ordered two different injectables and three orals (one post cycle). Around 10 days after my payment was confirmed received I asked when I could expect my shipment as I had not heard anything. I was informed that the shipment was split, the injectables were on the way but the orals were not available anymore. Now why they were available for payment and not shipment is a question but that is not the problem. I made the order on 5/11/18 And as of today 7/12/18 have not received them. Following the tracking shows that it has been traveling further away from me and I'm thinking seizure is highly likely. I contacted the CS for the website and they told me it was not their problem and to call the post office. I'm thinking there must be a better site to use and if you read a little further down the reviews it seems my trouble may be common. Beware

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I just ended week 3 and and everything is spot on. I'll touch on the dbol first. I read mixed reviews on Sis orals but they are working just like they're supposed to. Got a little euphemism some strength gain and up 8 pounds already. Definitely started getting the sensitive nipples, took some adex and knocked it right out. For the sust it's still too early to be reaping the full benefits but skins been really oily the last couple of days, morning wood that could cut steel and random hard ons during the course of the day. No PIP what so ever, I soak the vials in hot hot water for about 10 minutes before I draw the oil. Nice and smooth. Will definitely be using this lab in the future.

Anavar 50mg gains

anavar 50mg gains


anavar 50mg gainsanavar 50mg gainsanavar 50mg gainsanavar 50mg gainsanavar 50mg gains