Anapolon hakk?nda bilgi

The concept of openness which is being applied in the advanced democracies for years; it is newly started to be implementedin Turkish public administration. In this study, in the process of passing from traditional administration approach that isdominated by privacy and confidentiality to the new administration approach that is determined by transparency, accountability,participation and how much importance was given to the principle of openness in Turkish public administration will be study, the traditional public administration structure which has privacy and state secrets understanding in a country;Turkey, in which the most important step for openness in recent years the Right of Information Acquirement in theadministration will be investigated, and this law will be evaluated whether it is a challange against the traditional structure or aregulation that was remained on the paper will be focused purpose of this article is to investigate whether the law on Right of Information Acquirement is being implemented inTurkish public administration or it is just an amendment that was remained on paper. The Right of Information AcquirementLaw lays down the guidelines and procedures for individuals to exercise their right of information acquirement in accordance withthe principles of equality, neutrality and openness which are the fundamentals of democratic and transparent administration. Thelaw is applicable to the activities of public institutions and organisations, and professional organisations which have the capacityof a public institution and these institutions and organisations are obliged to take the necessary administrative and technicalmeasures to make available to the applicants all kinds of information or documents, save for those exceptions included in theLaw, and to complete applications to acquire information in an effective, swift and accurate it is mentioned in the study, the application to acquire information shall be made to the institution or organisation wherethe requested information or document is kept, with a petition comprising the name of the applicant, signature, domicile orbusiness address; and if the applicant is a legal person, comprising the title of the legal person, address, and the signature of theauthorised person and the certificate of authority. This application can be made in electronic format or by other means ofcommunication on the condition that other information to identify the person’s identity and signature or from whom the letteroriginates can be legally identified. Thus, in the p

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Anapolon hakk?nda bilgi

anapolon hakk?nda bilgi