Anadrol 50 tablets 50mg x 100

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i used these products 1 hour pre workout 4days a week for a month give and take a day,i tend to go for base, ,ace short ester products now ,1 hour pre workout ,i pinned each delt ,i prefer this method than pre workout stims, i find the come down to much hassle for what i get in products were a total new game changer for me ,the d/bol gave,me some wicked pumps and the mtren ,well i couldnt stop training i wanted to do more and more .no sting on pinn to my surprise ,sweat quite alot and lost 4lb in a month with out even trying .i willhave 4 weeks off this gear now and give it another blast in 4 weeks ,no sides i can think off ,i am running a medium dose of sustanon as well which i will review in due course ,next time i will do the d/bol and mtren seperate so i can pinn the bol every 8 hours ,dont know what the fuss is about mtren but think i showed it some respect ,4 weeks on 4 off suits me fine dont get chance for any sides to build up ,well i have none anyway ,but you must do what suits you ,start low and work up ,dont fuck with mtren ,

I have used many of their products. My favorite are the following Balkan Test Enanthate, Tren, Nandrolone, And D-bol. I like to kickstart my fall and winter cycles with D-bol. I have had 3 knee surgeries so I use Decca like a staple. Their Tren is always awesome! I've used other's and I can say for a fact, I can tell the difference in their trenbolone! I've also used Winstrol and prefer the aqua, it's so smooth. I keep several ancillaries on hand. clomed, nolvadex, anastrozole and tomoxifene. HCG
I have had blood work check and I know for a fact that these compounds work excellent!

Anadrol 50 tablets 50mg x 100

anadrol 50 tablets 50mg x 100


anadrol 50 tablets 50mg x 100anadrol 50 tablets 50mg x 100anadrol 50 tablets 50mg x 100anadrol 50 tablets 50mg x 100anadrol 50 tablets 50mg x 100